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Take advantage of charging stations available at the Sprint Exhibit in Headwaters East from July 14- July 16!

In 2016, be sure to visit the SPAMERICAN Tour and the Ford 2017 Super Duty Tour!

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Festival date July 8-16, 2016 11am-11pm

Carnival Rides includes the Festival favorite Ferris Wheel and 30 other rides!
You won’t want to miss the classic carnival games, rides, and atmosphere!

 The festival rides have height and size restrictions and include:
The Fireball – 5 Tickets
Wave Swinger – 5 Tickets
Orbiter – 5 Tickets
Ring Of Fire – 4 Tickets
Gondola Wheel – 4 Tickets
Round Up – 4 Tickets
Super Jet – 3 Tickets

Bears – 3 Tickets
Hampton Umbrellla Rides – 3 Tickets
Dino’s – 3 Tickets
Slide – 3 Tickets
Merry Go Round – 3 Tickets

Regular price for wristbands during Festival will be $25.00 and can be purchased at the Ticket Booth in Headwaters Park.


IMG_4176b           midway