Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my pet?

Please don’t bring your dog, cat, snake or pot-bellied pig to the Festival. On a hot July day they’ll be much happier under a shade tree at home than in the middle of a Festival crowd. Animals who are not assisting those with disabilities are prohibited from Festival events by law.

Where are the restrooms?

To answer nature’s call, portable toilets are located throughout Festival venues, see map for locations. The Festival’s clean-up crew appreciates your help in keeping these areas clean.

Can I ride my bike at the Festival?

There is no bike riding, skateboarding, hover boarding, or rollerblading at the Festival. If you wish to get your exercise in for the day by riding to the festival, please make sure to walk your bike or skateboard through festival crowds. If you rollerblade to the festival or ride your cool hover board, please make sure to carry these items through the crowds.

Where can I park?

Parking is available in the Festival parking lot at the northwest corner of Clinton and 4th streets for a $5 fee. Parking is also provided by a variety of public and private entities not controlled by the Festival.

Is first aid available?

We encourage all festival goers to prepare for a day at the Festival by wearing comfortable shoes, drinking plenty of liquids, and applying sunscreen to any exposed area. Bicycle paramedics will be at the Festival to help with any emergencies.

What do I do with my trash?

Please help keep the Festival enjoyable for everyone by placing cups, plates, wrappers, etc. in the trash receptacles that are located throughout Festival areas. We appreciate your help in keeping event areas clean.

I lost something at the festival, where do I find it?

Please keep careful watch over your children, parents and belongings. However, if you have misplaces something, check at the ticket trailer inside the festival plaza. If you find something, it is just as important that you turn items in at this location. If you have lost someone, check with a Police Officer at the Festival or a Festival Security or a Festival representative. It is a good idea to have a predetermined rendezvous point in case your party gets separated.

Where can I buy cool festival swag?

Look for official Three Rivers Festival Souvenirs at the Information Booth. Official t-Shirts, tank tops, and buttons will be sold at these locations.

Where can I find information about the festival?

If you are checking out this website, you have the most complete and accurate source of information at your fingertips. However, for up-to-date changes or those hard to answer questions, stop by the Information Booth located next to Junk Food Alley. Festival volunteers will be happy to help you out. Want to know about event location or time changes, or weather delays, please check out the Festival’s wesite daily or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What safety precautions are in place for COVID-19 during the festival?

The Three Rivers Festival Board of Directors and Staff have developed a COVID-19 Response Plan for this year's festival. To read the plan, please visit the Festival Information page.