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July 7 -15

Headwaters Park East


The Three Rivers Festival Downtown Midway encompasses the tree-lined East and West area of beautiful Headwaters Park. With the backdrop of the river, the hint of the Plaza music, the scent of Food Alley, this is a popular, open area (no admission charge) for friends to meet and spend the day.  Downtown Midway includes a blend of free displays and exhibits, carnival amusement rides, and budget-friendly attractions. 

Friday              July 7th: 5p-11p
Saturday        July 8th: Noon-11p

Sunday           July 9th: 2p-11p

Monday          July 10th: 5p-11p

Tuesday         July 11th: 5p-11p

Wednesday  July 12th: 1p-11p

Thursday       July 13th: 5p-11p

Friday              July 14th: 5p-11p*

                                *Sensory TBD

Saturday        July 15th: 1p-11p

*Times subject to change as festival nears.


Sensory Friendly Midway
July 14th TBD

We wish to welcome community members with sensory challenges to come enjoy our midway during this special time frame. Kissel Entertainment will turn down the music and speed on the amusement rides during this time. Rides will be free to guests with sensory challenges and their families. Games and food will be available for purchase. 

The Midway will only be open to guests with sensory challenges and their families. The Midway will be closed to the general public during this time. 

For more information on how to get tickets to this event, please contact the Three Rivers Festival office, 260.426.5556.

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