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July 13 & July 14


10am - 7pm


10am - 5pm

Freimann Square
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Art in the Park is a two-day, juried fine art show in the heart of beautiful downtown Fort Wayne. Located in Freimann Square on Main Street, Art in the Park celebrates artists from near and far in the center of our city’s arts campus. It is here that anyone, from the seasoned art buyer to someone looking to add someone flair to their jewelry collection, can find just the right piece at the right price. Visit 100+ artist and artisan exhibitors from across the country. Surrounded by trees in a beautiful park setting, enjoy live music and home-made treats while you peruse artistic talent​

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This annual HeART of the City at the Three Rivers Festival will take place in the Freimann Square parking lot during Art in the Park. HeART of the City features 30 local artists! Come explore and learn about the different forms of art! 

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