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 Raft Race Participation Form

Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 1p.m.                                                                                                       

Join us Saturday, July 16th for Fort Wayne’s original river event: the Three Rivers Festival Raft Race!

Homemade masterpieces paddle down the Saint Mary’s for cash, fame and glory. Whether it’s for speed, beauty or just weird, you will see them all.

Cash prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in the Commercial and Non-Commercial/Individual Divisions, for the following categories: Fastest Raft & Most Creative Raft.

Only a $50 entry fee per team!

Rent A Raft

Enjoy the Raft Race fun without having to build the raft!  We will rent you a 8×8 raft for $125, which includes: registration fee, paddles and life vest, All that’s left is to show up, decorate and race!  Details are provided in the Raft Race application.

Need to know how to build a Raft? Click Here


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2014 Raft Race Video


SPEED Commercial category
1st place-    Solid Design
2nd place-  Concordia Mens Crew
3rd place-   River Hockey League sponsored by Fort Wayne Outfitters

SPEED Non-Commercial category
1st place-    Concordia Women’s Crew
2nd place-  Byron Health Center
3rd place-  Team Awesome

CREATIVITY winners, Commercial category
1st place-    Army National Guard Recruiters (Pirate ship)
2nd place-  McMahon Tire (replica of their full size semi)
3rd place-   Veterans Lawn & Landscape USS Nimitz Aircraft carrier

CREATIVITY winners, Non-Commercial category
1st place-   The Enter “Train” Ers   (104′ long train raft)
2nd place- Ragnarok P.T. Gun Boat
3rd place- Goonies pirate ship