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2016 Race will be Wednesday, July 13 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Thousands of spectators can be found each year watching 5-person teams parade their unique beds down Main Street, Then sprint or strut to the finish line. Prizes awarded for speed and creativity. The Fort Wayne Derby Girls lend a hand with entertainment between heats. Ice cold water will be provided free for the racers by Wayne Pipe and Supply.

2016 Applications will be available soon.

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The 2015 WINNERS are….

CREATIVITY: 1st Place: PQC, “The PQC Zoo”
                             2nd Place: Byron Health Center, “The Dream Spinners”
                            3rd Place: Aunt Millie’s Bakery, “Dough Boys”
SPEED: 1st Place: Salus Research, “Team Salus”
              2nd Place: Debrand Fine Chocolate,”Team DeBrand”
             3rd Place: Dupont Hospital, “Dream Machine”